"I'm pleased to inform you that we have reached a most favorable settlement in this matter.

On behalf of my firm and my clients, Sasha and Rebecca, we thank you for your...

- Nicholas Papain, Esq., Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo, New York, NY

Retaining Our Services

The process of retaining our services is simple. First, we encourage attorneys to contact our office to discuss the specifics of their case with one of our economists by taking advantage of our gratis telephone consultation. To assist you in deciding to retain our services, we provide you with an engagement letter that quotes a fee (usually a range) for the assignment. Included with the engagement letter will be copies of our experts’ Qualifications Profiles, the appropriate Fact-Finding Questionnaire, and our Professional Fees Schedule. We request a retainer prior to beginning the assignment. An expedited fee will apply if a report is needed within four (4) weeks or less. More complex litigation such as commercial damages and business interruption will require a higher retainer fee.

Upon our receipt of the completed Fact-Finding Questionnaire and requested documentation we will contact your office to discuss any additional information that may be needed. We stand ready to speak or meet with your client to obtain information. A completed appraisal report is typically provided within four to six weeks. Should a report be needed sooner, for an additional fee we will work on an expedited basis. Our final invoice must be paid before the final signed report will be released. It is sometimes helpful to request information about earnings from either the Internal Revenue Service or the Social Security Administration or both. To request copies of tax returns, download IRS Form 4506. To request a history of Social Security earnings, download SSA Form 7050.

Please contact us or give us a call at (973) 992-1800 to discuss your case.