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Wrongful Incarceration

The expert economists of the Sobel Tinari Economics Group have evaluated economic damages for individuals who have been wrongfully incarcerated.  These damages include lost earnings, as well as the loss of earning potential resulting from lost educational and career opportunities. Damages may also consist of lost fringe benefits and future medical costs (e.g., for ongoing therapy) and, in some cases, lost services to plaintiff’s family members.

STEG economists present a thorough assessment of the economic consequences of each case. We work closely with attorneys and their clients to obtain the necessary information and data required for the proper calculation of economic damages. We also apply our accumulated knowledge of relevant statutes and case law in determining appropriate elements of damages that may be claimed. Because of the deep knowledge and broad experience of our testifying experts, STEG has excellent command of the many substantive issues that may arise in the course of an engagement, including expert testimony, if needed. Furthermore, our testifying experts and senior analysts are involved in each case from the initial evaluation of the case file. This collaborative approach allows STEG to provide comprehensive analyses in a timely manner while ensuring that attorneys benefit from the expertise of our economists at the onset of their case. Judges and juries find our testifying experts to be both engaging and credible. And with our staff of full-time research analysts, we are able to quickly respond to our clients changing needs and circumstances. A properly written and well-documented economic appraisal is vital to the resolution of a case. The reports we prepare are clearly written and our court testimony is very effective. Our reputation is well-regarded and numerous law firms throughout the country have used our services with great satisfaction.

To make sure you obtain a comprehensive assessment of damages in your wrongful incarceration matter, contact us or call us at 973-992-1800.

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