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Employment and Discrimination Matters

What makes our economic assessments in employment litigation matters different from those of other economic experts?

STEG economists are experienced in all facets of quantifying economic losses in matters involving wrongful discharge, age and gender discrimination, sexual harassment, failure to promote, and other employment-related matters. We provide a customized and comprehensive damages analysis based on the specific circumstances associated with each case, addressing all elements of lost compensation such as health insurance, stock options, and retirement plans, etc. Other forms of compensation such as stock options and warrants, and employer stock contributions, are often complex as is an assessment of the negative tax consequences of an award (i.e., tax gross up). The experience and expertise of STEG economists in these areas gives our clients a competitive edge.

Our comprehensive and objective approach to economic loss valuation lets you enter negotiations, or go to trial, fully prepared with a detailed assessment of the value of a case.

If you would like any additional information about our team, or would like to discuss how we can provide a comprehensive assessment of damages in your personal injury matters, contact us or call us at 973-992-1800.

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