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Mass Torts / Punitive Damages

STEG economists have worked on a number of matters involving mass torts, including the Actos litigation in which Chief Economist, Kristin Kucsma, testified in a bellwether trial in this matter. In addition to valuing lost compensation, the loss of services and the costs of lifetime care, STEG economists provide attorneys handling mass torts with guidance regarding punitive damages by conducting a detailed review of financial documents and records and providing an analysis of a defendant’s ability to pay. Unlike financial information for publicly held companies, data for privately held companies often is not publicly available. In those instances, economists of the Sobel Tinari Economics Group will assist attorneys with requests for relevant financial data,

Our experts’ knowledge of Court Rules and Pattern Jury Instructions in many states around the country allows them to provide comprehensive assessments of economic damages, and credible testimony, in matters involving mass torts.

If you would like any additional information about our team, or would like to discuss an analysis of punitive damages, contact us or call us at 973-992-1800.

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