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Personal Injury

The Sobel Tinari Economics Group has substantial expertise in valuing economic damages in personal injury matters. Whether the result of an accident or medical malpractice, catastrophic injury to adults and children can result in significant economic damages. Our assessments consider more than traditional wage and benefit loss; our team of award-winning economists and experienced research analysts thoroughly evaluate and consider damages to include continuing medical care needs, household and family services, and in the case of catastrophic injury to minors, future earnings capacity. When necessary, our experts integrate the opinions of vocational and medical experts, and life care planners, into the fabric of their analysis. The impact of a debilitating injury or impairment on a person’s ability to participate in the workforce, earn income and receive fringe benefits must be considered. Fringe benefits require thorough analysis and extend beyond health insurance to include, among other things, employer funded 401(k) plan contributions, pension benefits, annuities, automobile allowances and stock option awards. The diminished ability of an injured person to perform household services is often overlooked as are special care services provided by other family members to the injured person. The economic value of these services can be quantified through the valuation of replacement services allowing the jury to assess the full impact of the injury on the plaintiff. Our economists and analysts also provide a comprehensive analysis of future medical costs, when necessary.

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