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Our Economic Experts

Sobel Tinari Economics Group (STEG) offers two testifying economic experts, Kristin K. Kucsma, M.A. and Kenneth T. Betz, MBA M.A. Collectively, our experts have testified in over 700 trials and depositions. Our team offers extensive knowledge of economics and finance and brings to STEG years of experience in litigation support, academia and consulting. Our professional staff of research analysts works under the direct supervision of our economists in the assessment and quantification of damages associated with each case. We employ a collaborative work environment when assessing the underlying damages in your case.

Our economists and research analysts’ areas of expertise include economics, finance, accounting, statistical analysis, and mathematics. Professional staff resources are fully utilized in addressing the details of each assignment we receive, thereby ensuring the highest level of accuracy and quality output found in the industry. Please contact STEG if you have a case that involves forensic economics or if you need expert economic testimony.

Kristin Kucsma, M.A.

Principal of the Firm and Chief Economist

Kristin Kucsma, M.A., is a Principal of SobelCo., and Chief Economist of the Sobel Tinari Economics Group. Ms. Kucsma oversees the group’s team of award-winning economists and experienced analysts. Ms. Kucsma joined the Tinari Economics Group in January 2008 and, since then, has worked extensively on...

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Kenneth T. Betz, MBA, M.A.

Senior Economist

Kenneth Betz has been working in the field of forensic economics for 35 years, specializing in personal injury, wrongful death and termination cases. Prior to joining the Sobel Tinari Economics Group in January 2011, he was associated with economist M. Marcus, Ph.D. Since 2002, Mr. Betz also has...

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