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- M. Todd Parker, Esq., Moskowitz & Book, LLP, New York, NY

Using Forensic Economics in Plaintiff Services

Attorneys and their clients are concerned about the specific impact that a particular event has on the affected household or business. At Sobel Tinari Economics Group, our economic experts understand that each individual situation is unique and must be evaluated on an independent basis. As economic experts, our proven approach recognizes the "individuality" associated with economic loss assessment in tort litigation.

At STEG we work closely with retaining counsel and their clients to gather all relevant information that would have a bearing on the proper calculation of economic damages. We also apply our accumulated knowledge of relevant statutes and case law in determining appropriate elements of damages that may be claimed. Our economic experts use forensic economics and current market data in determining not only economic trends that impact expected personal earnings and business income, but also in estimating the value of replacement costs associated with various services including household services, companionship, advice and guidance, and parental care and nurturing. Clients retain our services for help in various cases, including personal injury & wrongful death, employment discrimination, and public policy & business analysis.

Please contact our forensic economists or give us a call at (973) 992-1800 to discuss your case.