"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Frank Tinari and Mike Brennan for the outstanding work they did on a case that was settled just prior to jury selection...

- William Cafaro, Esq., Law Office New York, NY

Public Policy & Business Analysis

Not all of the assignments received by Sobel Tinari Economics Group involve disputed or litigated matters. Business and public policy matters are part and parcel of the research undertaken by STEG economists. For example, we have experience analyzing population data for municipalities. Between census years, the Census Bureau and some state agencies provide population estimates. Such estimates can be analyzed especially with respect to the assumptions underlying the figures. STEG has been engaged in other studies such as the analysis of the bear population in New Jersey, competitive market penetration, new statewide affordable housing rules, projected sales of a small pharmaceutical firm, the economic effects of a big-box store on area businesses, immigration and affordable housing, and analysis of a shopping mall owner’s distribution of cash to mall shoppers.

Sobel Tinari Economics Group's economists have published op-ed pieces and white papers on policy matters. Principal Economist Frank Tinari brings unique expertise to policy issues as both a Ph.D. economist and former elected municipal mayor and councilman. In all assignments, our economists, with over 80 years of combined analytical experience, apply state-of-the-art methods and data sources to the issues under analysis. We work closely with clients to tailor our work product to their specific needs. Clients especially like the offer of gratis initial consultation with our staff.

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